The final communiqué of the WPI Central Committee's plenum

The 18th plenum of the Worker-communist Party of Iran's Central Committee (CC) was held on 19 to 21 September 2003. 26 CC members and 24 CC advisors attended the meeting as well as a delegation from the Worker Communist Party of Iraq. The meeting began with a minute of silence in memory of comrade Mansoor Hekmat and the fallen in the path of socialism. The meeting heard the organisational and political report detailing the work of the party. In this part Koorosh Modaresi, leader of the party, and Hamid Taghvaie, the head of the political bureau, analysed the status of the party and the political situation in Iran. As part of the debate, the meeting discussed the political and social questions that the party is facing in organising for a revolution and the taking of political power in Iran.

Other issues on the agenda were the party emblem, the 4th Congress of the party and the elections. The Plenum heard and discussed a report on the preparation for the 4ht congress of the party. Two suggested emblems were referred to the Political Bureau for final decision.

Finally, the plenum elected Koorosh Modaresi as the secretary of the Central Committee (leader). The meeting also elected the following 19 as Political Bureau members: Fateh Bahrami, Hamid Taghvaie, Ali Javadi, Majid Hosseini, Rahman Hossainzadeh, Abdullah Darabi, Saleh Sardari, Soraya Shahabi, Fateh Sheikh, Mostafa Saber, Iraj Farzad, Asqar Karimi, Azam Kamguyan, Asad Golchini, Azar Majedi, Mozafar Mohamadi, Hossain Morad-Beigi, Azar Modaresi and Maryam Namazie.

The following meeting of the Political Bureau elected Hamid Taghvaie as its head.

Worker-communist Party of Iran

24 September 2003