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'The basis of socialism is the human being… Socialism is the movement to restore human being's conscious will.'

Mansoor Hekmat,
the great Marxist thinker and leader of the Worker-communist Party and Worker-communist movement

* New archive for the Marxist Library: Mansoor Hekmat

* About the Crisis in the Middle East Interview with Mansoor Hekmat

* The World After September 11
by Mansoor Hekmat

* An Axis of Evil: Foreign Policy or Political Philosophy?
Interview with Koorosh Modarresi

* Ensuring the People's Right to Determine the Future System of Government in Iran
Resolution adopted by The Worker-communist Party of Iran Political Bureau

* Call to opposition parties to pledge their commitment to
The Declaration of Political Freedoms

* Mansoor Hekmat's Biography by: Hamid Taghvaie

* Mansoor Hekmat Foundation

* The History of the Undefeated
A few words in ommemoration of the 1979 Revolution

by Mansoor Hekmat

* Against Sexual Apartheid in Iran Interview with Azar Majedi

* Federalism is a Reactionary Slogan
Interview with Mansoor Hekmat

* Iranian communists against attack on Iraq

* What is this war about?

* Gory dawn of the New World Order

* Why people should say no to US war
Fateh Sheikh

* Neither USA/NATO Terrorism, nor Islamic Terrorism

* Let's turn a dark scenario into a bright future A look at the Iraqi situation
By: Azar Majedi

Worker-communism in Iraq

The dark scenario and the question of political power
By Hamid Taghvaie

The leader of the Worker-communist Party of Iran

The political and social situation in Iraq is an immense human catastrophe, bleak, chaotic with total social disintegration..

In defence of secularism
Religion must be pushed back
Speech made by Azar Majedi in the 5th February meeting in France in defence of secularism

I am delighted to witness the growth of an active secular movement, to see that secularism is gaining momentum ...

Yanar Mohammad must be defended!

Maryam Namazie: On January 31, 2004 Yanar Mohammad, the renowned head of the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) and a leading activist of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq, was threatened to death by..

The end of the Reformists in the regime
is the beginning of the end of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Asqar Karimi

To labour, socialist and human rights organisations and left political parties

The Islamic Republic of Iran has turned a labour protest into an atrocity! The world must protest against this atrocity!

We must stop the Islamists' assault on secularism

Hossein Moradbeigi
21 January 2004


WPI's Fourth Congress ends successfully

To labour organisation worldwide
Iranian oil workers are fighting for their rights again
support them!

On the recent industrial disputes in the Iranian oil and petrochemical industry
By Shahla Daneshvar
Editor of 'Workers'

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