2/15 was the day the US uni-polar system lost its legitimacy
Fariborz Pooya

If you listen to the mass media, you might be forgiven for thinking that the problem of USA war legitimacy which showed itself in the hesitation of the US and UK governments to go for a vote at the UN Security Council was because of a mathematical calculation adding a handful of countries or the wickedness of the French president, Jacques Chirac. It is now clear that the current war on Iraq lacks even a 'commonly accepted' legitimacy. Even based on their own poor standards, the UK and US government war on Iraq is illegitimate.

The crisis of legitimacy that Bush and Blair face is not because the USA could not muster nine votes in the UN Security Council despite all the bribing and bullying that went on. The crisis of legitimacy that the US is facing is simply because of the millions of people all over the world who came out in an unprecedented and united fashion to say no to this war. Yes, 15 February 2003 was the day that the US war efforts lost all legitimacy globally despite having all the media propaganda at its disposal. This was the day that all the calculations of Bush and Blair went adrift.

February 15, 2003 was the day that the civilised world declared itself as a determining force in shaping the future of humanity. The giant of the civilised world shook itself and showed that is awakening. Its slightest move on one single day crossed all borders and divisions. At its first attempts, the movement of civilised humanity might not have succeeded in preventing the start of the war, but it is the only force that can bring Bush's dangerous venture to an end and stop it in its tracks. This force can no longer be ignored in the midst of international propaganda. It has given the US uni-polar system of 'the new world order' a double whammy and within a day made their whole effort look illegitimate and idiotic.

This civilised force is decisively humanist and is deeply concerned about the fate of humanity be it under the boots of Saddam Hussein or under the thumb of the US propaganda and military machine. In the 12 year old sanctions against Iraq, it has seen the mutilated body of Iraqi children and points the finger of war crimes towards Messrs. Blair and Bush. In its first test of real political influence despite all the shortcomings, it has raised the flag of freedom and the right of the people of Iraq to decide on their own system of government and has opposed US military intervention.

With the coming of the civilised force to the forefront of global politics, the future players in shaping the world to come will not be limited to the war mongering of the US administration on the one hand and the bunch of ultra-reactionary nationalist and political Islamists on the other.

2/15 was a historical day and a turning point in the history of humanity.