Stop this barbarism!
The USA’s bloody war on Iraq has begun!

The nightmare that has been haunting the Iraqi society for over a year has created within the last few minutes the world’s biggest humanitarian catastrophe, by dropping thousands of tons of bombs and explosives on the oppressed people of Iraq. The US led mass killing against the people of Iraq has begun. Right now, 25 million Iraqi children, youth and elderly, men and women, their livelihood are at the mercy of the missiles and destructive bombs. Their screams heard all over the world. Their waves of destitution and elimination have begun. This barbarism which is being carried out under the cover of “ ending dictatorship ,getting rid of weapons of mass destruction and bringing about democracy” is supposed to realise the criminal objectives of America’s ruling elite symbolised in imposing the “ New World Order” and its supremacy over the plight of the people of the world.

This catastrophic war is a war against the entire humanity and its free will . it is a war aimed at pre-emptive suppression of any vanguard step taken by the workers and those who long for a better world and all those who look forward to a gate to freedom and equality ,and social justice at the heart of the oppressive capitalist world. This war is the first chapter of a bloody suppression process targeting the whole world and imposing retreat upon the civilised world and all human values. If it is not stopped it will not only result in mass killing, wounding and destitution in Iraq but also helps the flourishing of terrorism , the militancy, bullying and regressive movements.

The worker Communist Party of Iraq stands against this war and struggles for its immediate end. Millions said no to this war but the murderers in the US administration ignored this demand and the free will of the humanity and started this massacre. We appeal to all workers of the world and the free and civilised humanity to take into the streets protesting against this mass slaughter. The civilised humanity front has to show them that they can not impose their arrogance on the world so easily. They have to be pressurised through widespread protests and demonstrations and their authorities confronted. The floor under their must be shaken and forced to stop the war immediately. The worker Communist Party of Iraq makes every effort all over the world to oppose this war and appeals, in the name of the Iraqi people, all freedom loving people to end this war through our persisting struggle.

Worker-communist Party of Iraq

20 March 2003