Workers in Iran rise in support of the Copper mining workers in Khatoon-abad

Sanandaj and Kamyaran Hundreds of workers from many industrial centres of Sanandaj and Kamyaran, including textiles, bakeries, tailors, councils, industrial cities, department of transport, dairy products, carpet weaving, metal workers, teachers and student transport workers, signed a petition condemning the killing of copper mining workers in Khatoon-abad and declaring their support for the legitimate demands of the workers in Kerman. Asqar Karimi's and Rahman Hosseinzadeh's letters to the workers in Iran were widely distributed and posted in different parts of the city of Sanandaj.

Saqez and Marivan On Thursday and Friday 29 and 30 January a group of young workers in the city Saqez and Marivan held a ceremony in commemoration of the fallen workers in Khatoon-abad. The bakers in Saqez have already published a letter of solidarity with the copper mining workers in Kerman.

Tabriz A group of match-making factory workers and workers of Salemi industrial plant in Tabriz condemned the killing of the copper mining workers in Khatoon-abad via letters and declared their solidarity with the workers and people of Khatoon-abad and Babak. In their letter of support, the match-making workers of Tabriz stated: "We declaring our solidarity with the people and workers of Babak; on Friday, we heard the sad news of the killing and wounding of a number of workers in that city. This action was and is not rare for a government, which is based on discrimination, poverty, unemployment and addiction. We declare our solidarity with the workers and people of Babak and demand the trial of those who committed this crime. We will remain shoulder to shoulder in pursuit of their demands with these beloved." In a letter of solidarity, workers of Salemi industrial plan in Tabriz state: 'With condolences to the families of the fallen workers of the city of Babak and by declaring our support for the demands of the Khatoon-abad copper mining workers which are the demands of the workers all over Iran, we the workers of Salemi industrial plant in Tabriz call on international human rights organisations and trade unions all over the world to condemn this brutal atrocity. We support them until they have achieved their demands."

Stone mining workers of Iran-Bafog in Iran have declared their solidarity with the copper mining workers and have warned that the same thing could happen in Bafog too. In their letter of solidarity they say: "We, a group of workers from the central mining company of Iran-Bafog, declare our solidarity and express our sympathies with the families of the fallen workers in the city of Babak. We announce to the people of Iran that those in charge of the Organisation of Development and Modernisation of Mining in Iran, with their support for the capitalists and by robbing public funds want to hand over this company to their own cronies and associates under the pretext of privatisation. They want to make 2000 workers redundant and since popular resistance to this is high, the possibility of a similar incident is very high."

The Worker-communist Party of Iran has called on all sections of the working class in Iran to condemn this brutality. In a press release widely distributed in industrial centres in Iran the WPI says: The armed assault on the copper-mining workers in Khatoon-abad is an audacious atrocity by the Islamic regime and must receive an appropriate and firm response from the working people. This atrocity must be condemned widely. We call on all working people to condemn this killing as have the workers of Iran-Khodro, Bafog and Bakers in Sanandaj. This is an assault on the right to protest and the most fundamental rights of the working class and the people. We must ensure they regret their actions. We must show them that the copper mining workers are not alone. In your meetings, which you hold specifically on this issue, strongly protest this atrocity committed by the government and in unity. Demand that those responsible be identified and brought to trial in a public court. Demand that martial law imposed on the cities of Khatoon-abad and Babak be revoked immediately; and that all detained workers be set free at once.

The Islamic regime must witness the united ranks and protest of the working class against this atrocity.