Ending the War of Terrorists is the task of Progressive Humanity
WPI Press release on the recent explosions in Istanbul

On November 20, 2003 two new explosions, one at the British Consulate General and the other at the HSBC headquarters in Istanbul, left more than 30 dead and nearly 400 wounded. The casualties are said to increase. The two explosions occurred in less than a week after other explosions in Istanbul, which left more than 20 dead and wounded.

Irrespective of the aims and objectives behind these explosions within the context of regional politics, this is a heinous crime and despicable mass-murder carried out by Islamic terrorists and must be strongly condemned. Those who have no regard for humanity can only murder innocent people.

With these explosions, everyone can sense the global war that is taking place between the USA and its allies on the one hand and Islamic terrorists on the other. In fact, both poles of this war are terrorists who have taken hostage the life and livelihood of the people of the world to achieve their aims. Hundreds of defenceless people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc. have up to now become the victims of this war. The casualties of this war are not just these people, but the security and safety of people everywhere. This is a war of terrorists, which in reality turns every school, hospital, residential area and factory into a war front. On day the bombers of the 'New World Order' target schools and hospitals and another day Islamic groups of different shades target men, women and children while they are shopping or working and blow them into pieces with their suicide bombings. Both sides of this war have caused the indignation of millions of people all over the world.

This war must be brought to an end with united international struggle. The decent people of the world, millions of working people, can and must say no to Islamic terrorists and US militarism and condemn them everywhere. Ending terrorism and militarism is the task of the civilised people of the world. Our main task is to actively oppose US militarism and Islamic terrorism. To be progressive or humanitarian today would be meaningless without working to confront these criminal groups and forces on both sides of the inhumane war.

20 November 2003