The end of the Reformists in the regime
is the beginning of the end of the Islamic Republic of Iran

With the resignation of more than 120 so-called Reformist (also known as 2nd Khordad) representatives in the Islamic Republic of Iran's Assembly (Majlis), the regime's 'elections' have reached a new critical point. The Islamic Republic is brushing aside the defeated remnants of government driven 'reforms' to bring some order to its chaotic and crisis-ridden house. They, however, know full-well that there is no solution left to save this regime. They know that it is getting worse. The right-wing faction is putting aside the 2nd Khordad pressure valve leaving the despised Islamic regime bare to face the people who are impatient for its overthrow. With confused ranks, a bankrupt economy and international isolation, the leaders of the Islamic regime are faced with a people eager for prosperity, and freedom worthy of human beings. The aggressive pose of the right-wing faction of the regime against the 2nd Khordad is not because of their useless moanings, but is because it clearly hears the voices of an angry and infuriated people everywhere and everyday on the streets, factories, universities and so on and sees itself inept is dealing with this unstoppable wave. This attempt is yet another futile and feeble attempt to bring some order to the ranks of the regime's forces.

The disarray and confusion that has beset the machinery of this regime is a message to the people that it is time to spread the protests and by demanding freedom and liberation to bring about an end to this regime. By broadening the protests, we can remove all chances of the regime to worm out of this hole. The leaders of the working class movement, the activists of the student movement in the universities, communist and militant teachers, women and the progressive youth and so on must prepare themselves for the final blow to the Islamic Republic. United and organised, we must broaden the protests and demonstrations. We must not allow them to conduct their nonsensical 'elections'. We must believe that the official end of the 2nd Khordad project is at the same time the complete impasse of the Islamic Republic. We must resolutely and in unison make the most of this opportunity to advance the revolution and bring about the end of this despised government.