International campaign
to defend the life of Yanar
against the death threat by Islamists in Iraq

Yanar Mohammed, the head of the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), is a renowned political activist from Iraq, and highly regarded in the world today for her brave efforts in defending women’s rights in Iraq. She and the OWFI have been at the forefront of raising Iraqi women’s awareness of their rights, fighting for an egalitarian secular state and full equality for women, as well as advocating for the separation of religion from the state and educational system which is a precondition for guaranteeing women’s rights in Iraq.

Since the recent introduction of Law Number 137 by the Iraqi Ruling Council, which is to remove the previous Personal Status Code and replace it with Sharia law, Yanar has exposed the serious threat to women’s lives and rights if Sharia is imposed and organized women and men in opposition to it. She has also spoken out and denounced Sharia law and called for the unconditional equal rights for women in a demonstration in Baghdad. The day after the demonstration, she received an e-mail titled “Killing Yanar within a few days”. The e-mail was sent from the Army of Sahaba (Jaysh Al-Sahaba).

Once again, Islamic groups have proven they are nothing but a bunch of murderers despised and opposed by the people. They have threatened Yanar for the very reason that her defence of women’s rights and secularism is meeting with widespread approval and support among the Iraqi people. Furthermore, the USA government’s gory New World Order and its war, which has established a reign of terror on the people of Iraq, has allowed Islamic groups to impose their inhumane policies on the people and in particular the women in Iraq. The USA government has even included Islamic and other reactionary groups in its so-called Ruling Council.

The OWFI holds the USA government primarily responsible for this abysmal situation that has now threatened Yanar Mohammad’s life. Yanar and many others are afforded no protection.

The OWFI calls upon all political parties, human and women’s rights organisations, and freedom loving people across the world to defend Yanar Mohammed and OWFI’s women’s rights activists in Iraq from the threats of Islamic terrorism, to defend secularism, namely the separation of religion from the state and educational system and full equality for women, and denounce Islamic terrorist groups. While denouncing and holding the USA administration in Iraq fully responsible for Yanar’s life, organisations, parties, groups and individuals should exert full pressure on that government to provide full security for Yanar Mohammad.

Please send your letters of protest to Paul Bremer, head of CPA in Iraq:

Paul Bremer Chief US Administrator U.S. Department of State 2201 C Street NW Washington, DC 20520

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Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq-abroad representative

February 06, 2004

Campaign coordinators:

Nadia Mahmood
and Houzan Mahmoud