What is this war about?

'The claim that [this attack] is for an implementation of the UN resolution is false. This is merely war propaganda not political analysis… One must ask how many other UN resolutions have been implemented via bombardment and even military threats. Can the Palestinians believe such assertions? Do they do the same to Israel for violating UN resolutions? Why is not China subject to such attacks for undermining the most basic rights? Why not subject Croatia and Slovenia for the ethnic 'cleansing' of nearly 700 thousand Serbs, Germany for its practical and political support for this policy and the USA itself for bullying a huge section of humanity over the last fifty years, to such attacks? What is the reason for singling out Iraq? They say Iraq is despotic and has used weapons of mass destruction and that this is the moral basis for singling out Iraq and the reason for Western governments and its media's fury. This can only be taken as jest. All the world's dictators have gained power and remained in power with the support of these governments. This is a fact that they censor. The Iraqi Ba'ath regime is most definitely a despotic and criminal regime. However, the West's select countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Indonesia and the majority of others supported by them, if not worse, are no better than Iraq. For many years, Western governments have brought these governments to power and been the supporters and architects of the majority of the world's despotic governments - Pinochet in Chile, the Shah in Iran, the counter- revolutionaries in Nicaragua, hand-picked governments in Vietnam and all of Latin America, etc. As I've said, if these governments are not worse than Iraq, they were and are definitely not any better. Even the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot directly or indirectly received assistance from the USA and the West. On weapons of mass destruction, the issue is even more clear-cut. The USA is the only state to have used the most destructive weapon of mass destruction, i.e. the nuclear bomb, against the defenceless people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even now, the effects of the chemical and biological weapons used by the USA against the people of Vietnam are visible. They are also the ones who used depleted uranium in Iraq, which is daily causing the death of tens of adults and children. If the issue is the eradication of weapons of mass destruction, then surely these governments that maintain the most extensive stockpile of these chemical and atomic weapons and have used them a lot more than Iraq should become the subjects of such attacks. The West is currently using the most outrageous weapon of mass destruction against the people of Iraq. Economic sanctions, hunger, unemployment, lack of medicine and sanitation are the most dreadful weapons of mass destruction, which incidentally primarily victimise children and the elderly. If a conscientious court could be found in this world, it would have to prosecute the heads of Western governments and their lackey journalists for their part in the mass killings of the people of Iraq. If the justification for the use of weapons of mass destruction is correct, then the International Monetary Fund (IMF) must be bombarded for its policies of social cutbacks that have led to the physical and mental destruction and hunger of a large majority of the people of the world. An even greater reality is that right when the Iraqi government was using such weapons, it was in fact being supported by the West. I remember when we were in our bases in Iraq and were subject to that regime's chemical bombardments, this very media wouldn't broadcast direct and live reports we were giving them. They even censored their own journalists' reports from the field. Instead, we witnessed our bombardment by Iraqi forces using Austrian heavy guns, British communications systems and also relying on a communications exchange system with the USA.

'Therefore, reference to the UN resolution and weapons of mass destruction lacks any analytical basis. Iraq was the West's darling until it hadn't attacked Kuwait. The stated position of Western governments and its media lacks any constancy and continuity. They themselves know this is not an analysis. It is itself part of the war that is taking place. It is war propaganda.' - Koorosh Modaresi, USA, Iraq and Kurdistan, 1999