WPI's Fourth Congress ends successfully

The Fourth Congress of the Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI) took place during 12 to 13 December 2003 in Germany. The Congress, which was open to the public, was attended by hundreds of delegates and observers from different parts of the world. Its proceedings were also followed by thousands through a live internet TV broadcast.

The Congress declared its readiness and resolution to lead the revolution in Iran against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Revolution was the main theme of the Congress. Although the late Mansoor Hekmat was not there, his presence was nonetheless felt throughout the Congress. Koorosh Modaresi, the WPI's leader, initiated the Congress. Mansoor Hekmat was also commemorated with the showing of a film of his speech at the last Congress and with a speech by Hamid Taghvaie, the head of the Political Bureau.

A delegation from Worker Communist Party of Iraq (WCPI) took part in the Congress. Rebwar Ahmed, the WCPI leader, gave a message of solidarity. The Congress then discussed the Executive Committee's report of the Party's activities during the last two Congresses. It then debated several resolutions of which the following were resolved unanimously: 'The Political Situation in Iran and the Prospect of Revolution', 'Declaration of Universal Human Rights', "Manifesto on the De- religionisation of Society' and 'Declaration on Women's Rights'. Due to time constraints other resolutions, including one on the working class and political power were referred to a future Central Committee for finalisation.

The Congress moved to elections and chose a 46-strong Central Committee composed of: Mina Ahadi, Rebwar Ahmed, Mohamad Asangaran, Fateh Bahrami, Nader Baktash, Shahla Daneshfar, Siavash Daneshvar, Abdullah Darabi, Mohsen Ebrahimi, Ali Farhang, Iraj Farzad, Mohamad Fatahi, Mahmood Ghazvini, Asad Golchini, Khaled Hajmohammadi, Rahman Hoseinzadeh, Majid Hosseini, Salah Irandoost, Nasreen Jalali, Ali Javadi, Keyvan Javid, Parvin Kaboli, Aman Kafa, Azam Kamgoyan, Asqar Karimi, Khalil Keyvan, Maryam Koosha, Azar Majedi, Azar Modaresi, Bahram Modaresi, Koorosh Modaresi, Siavash Modaresi, Mozafar Mohamadi, Mehrnoush Moosavi, Hossein Moradbeigi, Maryam Namazie, Kazem Nikkhah, Asad Nodinian, Nesan Nodinian, Nasrin Ramzanali, Mostafa Saber, Saleh Sardari, Soraya Shahabi, Sohaila Sharifi, Fateh Sheikh and Hamid Taghvaie.

The Congress ended with speeches by Koorosh Modaresi and Hamid Taghvaie.

The newly elected Central Committee met immediately after the Congress and unanimously chose Hamid Taghvaie as the WPI leader.

The Plenum chose a 21 strong Political Bureau namely, Mina Ahadi, Fateh Bahrami, Shahla Daneshfar, Abdullah Darabi, Mohsen Ebrahimi, Iraj Farzad, Asad Golchini, Rahman Hoseinzadeh, Majid Hosseini, Ali Javadi, Asqar Karimi, Azar Majedi, Azar Modaresi, Koorosh Modaresi, Mozafar Mohamadi, Hossein Moradbeigei, Maryam Namazie, Kazem Nikkhah, Mostafa Saber, Soraya Shahabi and Fateh Sheikh.

The Political Bureau elected Azar Majedi as its head.

The WPI Central Committee expressed its gratitude to Koorosh Modaresi for his tireless efforts as the leader of the WPI during the difficult period after the death of Mansoor Hekmat