The political situation in Iraq after the fall of the Ba'ath regime
The Worker Communist Party's of Iraq

The USA's objectives for launching the war against Iraq, destroying the society's fabric and changing the regime in Iraq have nothing to do with 'destroying weapons of mass destruction, ending dictatorship and liberating the Iraqi people.' These claims are propaganda for USA militarism's international goals. What the USA has carried out in Iraq is the result and a chapter of the 'New World Order' strategy adopted by the USA's ruling elite since the early 1990s to impose its hegemony on the world as the only superpower. What has happened in Iraq is the first chapter in a scenario that the USA wants to bring about, which is aimed at reshaping the political geography of the Middle East to fit a unilateral security and political system which establishes the broad economic interests of US capital and corporations and its allies in the region. Therefore, Iraq is a field to settle the problems of the world after the end of Cold War and raise the New World Order.

· After the collapse of the Ba'ath regime, the USA faces a huge political vacuum in Iraq as the pro-USA Iraqi bourgeoisie is divided and does not have an alternative and program for the whole of Iraq. The ethnocentric and Islamic movements and other reactionary groups are unable to represent the entire Iraqi bourgeoisie. Amid this situation installing a US 'interim government', by bringing together the remnants of the Ba'ath regime, reactionary Islamic and ethnocentric groups, tribesmen and some Western technocrats under the name of democratization of the regime in Iraq is not a way to solve this crisis but it will rather complicate the situation and deepen the dark scenario. This alternative not only does not represent the people of Iraq and does not solve their problems but will also push the society into a civil war among various reactionary ethnic and sectarian groups.

· The USA has triumphed militarily in this war, however, politically it has not achieved a significant victory so far and it faces serious hurdles. In pursuing its domination on the world it comes face to face with part of Europe and on the issue of Iraq and the region it faces some significant problems. The war and the invasion of Iraq mobilizes Arab nationalism against the USA and prepares the ground for the defeated Ba'ath nationalist forces to reorganise themselves in a different form and put obstacles before the USA. The masses in Iraq see the USA as an occupier, and this acts as a breeding ground for political Islam and Arab nationalism. Moreover, in the absence of a united alternative for the whole of Iraq accepted by the USA, it is obliged to keep its forces in Iraq for a long time, and this will cause more outrage among the people and will lead to ethnic and sectarian wars and the disruption of normal society and therefore, will deepen the dark scenario. On the other hand, there is a mass protest by the freedom loving people against the USA presence. All these factors have a role in the USA's political defeat.

· Arab Nationalism in Iraq, which has sustained a blow with the overthrow of the Ba'ath regime, will push the current situation towards a 'war against the foreign occupiers' under the slogan of 'an independent Iraq'. It will resort to a reactionary war and struggle to regain its role and thus take away a share for the Arab bourgeoisie in the New World Order. This movement and its parties, in its defence of the nationalist suppression and for its chauvinistic nature will stand vis-à-vis the freedom loving movement of the workers and deprived people in Iraq and will partake in provoking ethnic enmity and dividing the ranks of the workers and freedom loving people.

· By rallying behind USA policies, the Kurdish nationalist movement and its parties like the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Kurdistan Democratic Party have distanced the people in Kurdistan from the liberation and humanist struggle in the region and worldwide. In order to preserve its rule and gain some privileges, this movement has joined forces with the most anti-human international forces and with local reactionary Islamic and nationalistic forces. This movement not only stands in the reactionary front against the emancipation and prosperity of the Iraqi people but also uses the Kurdish issue as a political capital for dealing and wheeling with the reactionary forces in Iraq and worldwide. The federation called for by these parties will perpetuate the state of the people in Kurdistan as second-degree citizens. It will impose on them national identity and hold them against Arabic and Turkish speaking citizens and thus will be the source of ethnic antagonism. It will perpetuate the ethnic conflicts in Iraq and increase the divisions among the workers and the whole Iraqi people.

· The forces of political Islam including those that are rallying behind the USA and those supported by the reactionary Islamic Republic in Iran and the Saudi regime, in the name of 'cleaning the Muslim's land from occupiers' and standing against the 'Zionist conspiracy'" and exploiting the widespread poverty and despair, will capitalize on the legitimate struggle of the Iraqi people against the USA policies and its military existence. By resorting to horror, terrorism and suicide bombs, these groups will take the society to the medieval ages and aim to impose an Islamic government on the Iraqi people.

· As a way out of the current situation, changing the dark scenario and stopping its lethal consequences and bringing about a happy future for the Iraqi people, the Worker Communist Party of Iraq announces the following solution and policies:

On the basis of a human identity of people, and by ensuring equal rights for all inhabitants of Iraq and the right of the Iraqi people to choose their own regime, the Worker Communist Party of Iraq (WCPI) struggles against the USA alternative, strategies and policies and against its New World Order in Iraq. In order to defeat this alternative it strives to represent and lead the struggle of the Iraqi people as part of the struggle of progressive and freedom loving people worldwide.

· From the Worker Communist Party of Iraq's viewpoint, the alternative, which provides a future where freedom, equality and prosperity are ensured for the people of Iraq, is socialism and a Socialist Republic only. In the meanwhile, in order to change the dark scenario brought about by the USA war and its intervention and by the activities of ethnocentric and sectarian forces, the WCPI strives to bring to the fore a communist, progressive and humanist pole in the society by organising its forces and developing it as political and social force influential on the current political situation toward creating the future sought by the people of Iraq. In this regard the WCPI declares that the solution for the current situation is the following:

· Immediate withdrawal of the USA and British forces and handing over the administration, and peace keeping in Iraq to the UN forces for a provisional period and providing freedom and equal material resources to all political organisations to inform the masses about their alternatives and programs.

· All political parties must observe and be bound to the 'declaration of political freedoms' which must be taken as a principle for settling all problems.

· After six months of free activities for all political parties to inform people about their alternatives in a free and peaceful climate, the future government of Iraq must be decided by the Iraqi people themselves.

· Immediate resolution of the Kurdish question by going back to the people in Kurdistan themselves in a free and general referendum to choose to stay within the central state as free citizens with equal rights or to separate and establish an independent state.

The Worker Communist Party of Iraq regards bringing an organised and independent mass movement to the fore behind the socialist alternative and thus to organise the workers and toilers around itself, councils and mass organisations for undertaking the social administration in neighbourhoods, and work places and for bringing about the direct authority of the masses, an essential factor in deciding the political situation in Iraq and deciding the peoples' coming regime. Right now and amid the current situation, the Worker Communist Party of Iraq struggles zealously for this purpose and calls on the workers and freedom loving people to unite around this alternative and solution.

Worker Communist Party of Iraq
May 18, 2003