Teachers' strike in Iran

Teachers in Iran closed thousands of schools down following a three-day nationwide strike, which began on 17 January 2004. Many striking teachers assembled at the Education Ministries in various cities waving their wage slips in protest against low pay and discrimination. The biggest gatherings were in Tehran, Miandoab, Esfahan and Yazd. In Yazd, 3000 teachers refused to leave the Ministry of Education building until their arrested comrade was released. In Esfahan, a teachers' representative has been arrested by the Islamic regime of Iran.

The teachers in Iran are extremely low paid and the oppressive Islamic educational system is suffocating them. For the last four years, teachers have been demanding housing subsidies, higher pay and health care. The Islamic regime had refused to meet their demands despite several years of mass protests and promises by the leaders of the Islamic regime. The Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI) has called for support for the striking teachers.