Support the Iraqi people!

The shameless international media's portrayal of the people of Iraq is that of thieves, looters and Islamists, backward, ethnocentric and misogynists. The majority, however, are a decent and freedom-loving people who want neither the USA and British presence nor a religious, ethnic and tribal government. Generation upon generation, this majority has worked and produced, suffered exploitation and oppression and struggled alongside each other unencumbered by religion, nationality, colour and ethnicity. They desire prosperity, happiness, freedom and a life worthy of human beings.

Now, following 12 years of economic sanctions and a criminal war imposed by the USA and its allies, a dark scenario is being set up by the criminal UK and USA governments, murderous Islamic groups, reactionary and ethnocentric Kurdish and Arab groups and the vile governments of Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The Worker Communist Party of Iraq (WCPI) represents the human and progressive desires of the people. This Party has resolutely stood up to the Ba'ath regime, Kurdish nationalist parties and Islamic groups, has opposed economic sanctions and the war against Iraq and is the defender of the most extensive rights, freedoms, prosperity and dignity for the people.

The WCPI must be vigorously supported. This is the only way to save the people of Iraq from a dark future. Your strong support for the just demands of the people of Iraq and the Worker Communist Party of Iraq as the progressive representative in this country is an important factor in preventing the balkanisation of this country and the further killing of people. Come onto the streets and turn the balance in favour of the socialist forces and the Iraqi people.

Worker-communist Party of Iran
26 April 2003