24 January 2004 Copper mining factory protest Four dead and tens of striking workers injured

21 January 2004 Teachers' strike in Iran

12 January 2004 The Islamic regime of Iran must be done away with entirely!

9 December 2003 Demonstration against the Nobel Peace Prize a Success

9 December 2003 An Alternate Nobel Peace Prize Meeting and Press Conference

20 November 2003 Ending the War of Terrorists is the task of Progressive Humanity
WPI Press release on the recent explosions in Istanbul

20 November 2003 24-Hour TV Station to be launched by WPI from January 2004

17 November 2003 Two Days of Protests and Meetings in Oslo

13 October 2003 Afsaneh Norouzie's execution stayed!

11 October 2003 On the Noble Peace Prize to Shirin Ebadi

5 October 2003 International Teachers' Day marked by protests in Tehran

28 September 2003 Amina Lawal id Freed!

24 September 2003 The final communiqué of the WPI Central Committee's 18th plenum

5 September 2003 The Fourth Congress of the Worker-communist Party of Iran Dec. 03

24 June 2003 Kurdistan University under Military Siege: A student killed and three wounded

23 June 2003 Kurdistan University in Sanandaj strike

22 June 2003 Free all Political Prisoners

20 June 2003 On the 4th Congress of the Worker-communist Party of Iran
and election of delegates

June 18, 2003 More than twenty thousand people protested in Esfahan

17 June 2003 WPI condemns arrest of members of the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran

16 June 2003 German IG Metal Support the Striking Behshahr Textile Workers

16 June 2003 Behshahr textile workers demonstration turns into a general protest

14 June 2003 Islamic regime of Iran's violent assault against protesters

13 June 2003 Demonstrations in Tehran continues

3 June 2003 President of CLC supports workers in Iran

3 June 2003 Five Behshahr workers on hunger strike are in critical condition

25 May 2003 Behshahr textile workers stand firm

20 May 2003 Humanity must firmly oppose both poles of terrorism

18 May 2003 Behshahr textile workers in Iran are on hunger strike and have occupied factory

8 May 2003 Announcement: Mansoor Hekmat's memorial ceremony

28 April 2003 Support the workers in Behshahr and Iran!
To trade unions, labour organisations, political parties, and progressive groups and individual

27 April 2003 Child US Prisoners of War This barbarity must be stopped!

26 April 2003 Support the Iraqi people!

25 April 2003 Worker Communist Party of Iraq opens offices in Iraq

22 April 2003 Maryam Namazie's open letter to the Jordanian government
on Iranian refugees stranded at its borders

21 April 2003 Support hundreds of Iranian refugees stranded at the Jordanian border!

17 April 2003 Condemn the persecution of PMOI members and supporters in Iraq

17 April 2003 Koorosh Modaresi's letter to Kofi Anan
regarding the People's Mujahedeen Organisation of Iran (PMOI)

17 April 2003 WPI Press Release regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran's request for the extradition of PMOI leaders

15 April 2003 WPI Press Release regarding the USA military attacks on the PMOI bases

11 April 2003 Baghdad's fall to US military
Condemn the imposition of another reactionary government on the people of Iraq!

20 March 2003 Stop this barbarism! The USA’s bloody war on Iraq has begun!

20 March 2003 On the US war against Iraq

8 March 2003 Long Live March 8, International Women's Day
Women's freedom is the measure of freedom in society

3 March 2003 Koorosh Modaresi is elected WPI leader
Concluding communiqué of the 17th plenum
of the Central Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran