President of CLC supports workers in Iran

Kenneth V. Georgetti, President of the Canadian Labour Congress protested against the Islamic regime of Iran and supported the demands of the striking workers in Iran.

Following an international campaign launched by the Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI) in support of the Behshahr textile workers who have not been paid for 27 months, the Canadian Labour Congress President wrote the following letter of protest to Mohammad Khatami:

'On behalf of the 2.5 million members of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), I am writing this letter to protest your government's inaction concerning the textile workers in Behshahr Chintz-Making factory who have been on hunger strike since May 15, 2003. It is our understanding that these workers, whose numbers are approximately 2000, have not been paid for 27 months. Their overdue wages amount to about 5 billion Tomans. 'We have been informed that your officials have agreed to pay only 200 million Tomans in the short-term and the payment of the rest of their money has been postponed to an unknown future date. The workers have, of course, rejected this offer and organized a new series of protests including sit-in and hunger strikes in the factory. According to our information, the health conditions of a number of strikers have been deteriorating, and some have already been hospitalised. 'At the same time, workers in other sectors and areas in Iran, facing similar withholding of their wages, have been organizing protests and strike activities. 'We urge you to take any possible measures to ensure that the workers of Behshahr Chintz-Making factory and the others receive their total overdue wages as soon as possible. 'We also urge you to implement the internationally recognized rights of workers which include the right to form independent labour organizations and the right to strike.'

Worker-communist party of Iran
3 June 2003