On the US war against Iraq
Worker-communist Party of Iran
20 March 2003

Early today, on March 20, 2003 the USA launched a bloody and barbaric war against the people of Iraq. After imposing 12 years of hunger, poverty and desperation on the people of Iraq, the US government is going for the kill. Not only hundreds of thousands of the people of Iraq - young and old are expected to perish, but also future generations of the Iraqi people are going to be devastated for the US' interests. The war that the US began 12 years ago is entering a new phase, which will change the world's geopolitics. Bullying, intimidation, terrorism and the use and spread of weapons of mass destruction will become the norm of the world. The US government is pushing the world to the brink.

This war is not against terrorism. It is itself naked terrorism and state intimidation. This is not a war against weapons of mass destruction. The US government is the only government, which has used nuclear weapons against people. The US government holds the largest ever stockpile of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and has never hesitated to use them if it finds it convenient. Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Vietnam are proof of this fact. The US government has used the most horrifying weapon of mass destruction, economic sanctions, against the defenceless people of Iraq. Today, after 12 years, even the hired-pen journalists and media such as BBC and CNN find it difficult to cast the mass murderers of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and war criminals of Vietnam and Iraq as the representatives of human morality. The Iraqi government is undoubtedly criminal. But the US, this self-imposed judge, is itself the primary villain. This war is not for the freedom of the people of Iraq. Only criminal psychopaths could claim that to free a people they must kill them in the thousands and starve them to death. Iraq is to be occupied and the people of Iraq are to suffer under a long period of chaos and uncertainty imposed by US generals, a US puppet government in coalition with a bunch of Islamists and fascists who will rule Iraq for the foreseeable future. The fate of the people of Iraq will be passed from one criminal to another This is the war against the people of Iraq. They could not even instigate this war in the name of their UN or their so-called international community. This is the USA's war.

The USA war against Iraq is the continuation of the Gulf war 12 years ago, a war to redefine the role of US in the power structure of the capitalist world. This war is to guarantee the uni-polar position of the US in the world. The US has taken the people of the world as hostages until they submit to US interests. The US is targeting civilised humanity and working people all over the world. The wave of US cruise missiles and the images of the army of the criminals and mercenaries with their tanks, guns, warplanes and their submarines next to the mountains of dead Iraqis are meant to intimidate civilised humanity. The people of Iraq are being crucified to teach others a lesson. The aim is to intimidate any progressive movement in the world or any hope or desire in this world - hopes and desires, which are not deemed to be compatible with US interests. This is a war against humanity. Civilised humanity, however, has risen against it. This war is condemned and must be stopped immediately.

Contrary to what the USA, the international bourgeoisie and their lackey journalists want everyone to believe, the world is neither uni-polar nor the scene of the skirmish of bourgeois states alone. Civilised humanity has entered the scene as a pole. The laxity of the 90s following the fall of the Eastern bloc and the first war against Iraq has ended. 12 years of mass destruction of the people of Iraq by US economic sanctions, 12 years of lies and deceit by the bourgeois mass media, 12 years of occupation of Palestine and the killing and humiliation of people and finally the revelation of the reality of the capitalist world after the Cold War has shattered any illusions. Civilised humanity has come to the fore. The largest global protest has taken place against this war. This is the power that could defeat the USA. The USA war must be stopped immediately. Today, the power of millions of protesting humanity against this war is the only means to bring this war to an end. Everyone must join in humanity's campaign against the USA government.