The Islamic regime of Iran must be done away with entirely!

Iran is on the eve of its seventh Islamic Assembly (Majlis) elections. The Islamic regime's Council of Guardians has struck off a majority of candidates belonging to the so-called reformist faction of the regime from its list of candidates. This has brought the government's factional infighting to a pitch.

The disqualifications of so-called reformist candidates by the Right-wing Council of Guardians is aimed at putting an end to their official presence in both the government and Islamic Assembly, and is thus aimed at officially declaring their rival faction dead. The former have desperately turned to Khatami, the president, and the speaker of the parliament through staging a sit-in at the Assembly hall. This is a further step towards the intensification of the Islamic government's crisis, including its internal power struggles. The people of abhor the entirety of this regime - both sides of the infighting. Given that the people are waiting for any chance to put an end to their murderous rule, this crisis further provides the space for their assault on it. What the people are objecting to is not that a bunch of reactionaries are removing another similar bunch. They are objecting to the entirety of a government that has deprived them of all freedom and welfare, and has, at the same time, repressed their struggles for their rights in the bloodiest ways possible. We have frequently reiterated that neither these periodic charades can be called 'elections', nor are any of the regime's internal groupings representative of even an iota of the people's demands. The significance of the current wrangling is only in the opportunity it provides for the growth of the people's movement which seeks to overthrow the government in its entirety.

It is evident that the disqualifications of the rival faction by the Right wing purport to further consolidate the state machinery against the people's revolutionary movement for overthrowing it. It is, however, so despised and isolated, and is in such deep crisis, that there is no chance it can put its out-of-joint ranks back in line. It is time the people who are thirsty for freedom and welfare and a dignified life rise up and oust this government.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI) calls upon all workers, youth, women, and freedom loving people across the country to extend their protests for the abolition of the Islamic government. The whole of this travesty of elections must be turned into a battle field for the overthrow of the Islamic government. The ever-increasing quarrels of its groupings have paved the way for our protests to expand. Let us rise up and do away with them.



Worker-communist Party of Iran

January 12, 2004.