On Nuclear Islamic Republic
WPI Briefing interview with Ali Javadi Member of Political Bureau of the
Worker-communist Party of Iran

Fariborz Pooya: In August the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said traces of weapons-grade enriched uranium were found at Natanz, and gave Iran until Oct 31 to answer all of its questions concerning allegations that it is seeking to develop atomic weapons. The United States accuses Iran of enriching uranium to make nuclear weapons. What is your assessment of this confrontation at this moment between the Islamic Regime of Iran and western governments?

Ali Javadi: I should also add that last week it was reported that other traces of enriched uranium was found near the city of Karaj. Evidences indicate that the Islamic regime is trying to develop atomic bombs. Iran already possesses the missile capability to launch and carry the any nuclear warheads.

Development of the atomic bomb by the Islamic regime changes the balance of power vis-à-vis the western governments and the political Islam in the region. It would exacerbate the worldwide war of the terrorists, the war between state terrorism and Islamic terrorism. It would add another dimension to this war, an atomic dimension. The victims of this war are the people. Any military confrontation would have disastrous consequences for the people.

United States is on one side of this war. Clearly they see this development as shift in the balance of forces in this war and as a thread to their interests. Their concern by no means is a humanitarian one. U.S. solely possesses 80% of the arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in the world. It is the only country, which has used any atomic bomb so far in the history of mankind?

Fariborz Pooya: What is the impact of a nuclear Islamic regime of Iran on the Middle East and the world?

Ali Javadi: An atomic Islamic regime is a mass killing machine on the scale we have not seen before. Gaining atomic capabilities would greatly enhance the position of the Islamists in the region, from Iran to Iraq to Palestine, in particular. Without atomic bombs the Islamic regime has 120,000 murders on its record. With atomic weapons in its possession it could commit much larger crimes in much shorter time. The first victim of nuclear potential would be the Middle East peace process. The Islamists have always opposed any peace plan in the Middle East. With atomic weapons in their hands the prospect of two states living in peace in the region is drastically shattered. The second victim of an atomic Islamic regime would be the people of Iraq. The Islamic regime would become a much more formidable player in the present conflict in Iraq.

Finally by gaining atomic capabilities the Islamic regime tries to drastically reduce the level of political pressure and potential military thread that it faces from United States and its allies. Iran is considered to be a member of the "axis of evil" and a possible target for U.S. military attack. Islamic regime tries to move in the same path that North Korea has completed.

As a side note I should also mention that none of these attempts would save a falling regime, which is confronted by the people who are determined to overthrow it. Islamic regime is on the verge of collapse. It does stand a chance in the face of mass revolutionary movement that has begun.

Fariborz Pooya: What should be the position of the progressive humanity on this issue?

Ali Javadi: I think the entire progressive; the freedom loving people and the socialists should oppose the Islamic regime in its effort to gain nuclear weapons. At the same time one should not forget that the contention and rivalry between the United States and Islamic regime has nothing to do with the well-being and safety of the people. Further more one should condemn any military attack against the production and development sites in Iran. Any military attack could have sever consequences for the people. Also any economic sanction, which U.S. and Great Britain are contemplating, would have deer consequence for the people. One just needs to remember the results of the sanctions against Iraq. Several thousand deaths every month for several years. I think the Islamic regime should be placed under political and diplomatic pressure to accept and fully comply with the IAEA extended treaty protocols. The European states should stop supporting the Islamic regime. With no outside support the Islamic regime is much easier target for the people to get rid of. Overthrowing the Islamic regime is the only safe process to ensure that the Islamic would have any atomic potential.