No to Political Islam's Violations of Rights and Freedoms in Iraq
Worker Communist Party of Iraq
May 20, 2003

Some political Islamic trends have recently tried to threaten the citizens in Baghdad and frighten them. They have waged a reactionary campaign in many schools, hospitals and other institutions and neighbourhoods to impose veiling on women. They have also threatened liquor sellers and cinema owners. Some of their gangsters have destroyed liquor factories as a part of their campaign. Mosques' Imams have launched a campaign of intimidation against citizens. One of them has instigated his followers to bomb cinemas and kill prostitutes, liquor sellers and their costumers. These threats and acts of terror, practiced against citizens under the pretext of maintaining 'morals' and preserving 'culture and traditions' of the society in Iraq are blatant violations of people's most basic rights and freedoms and form a hazardous threat to their security, safety and right to live a life free from threats and terror. These acts, no matter what the pretexts, are a terrifying suppressive method similar to those of the Ba'ath fascist regime. These practices are motivated by unmasked political purposes of the political Islamic gangs that aim to gain leverage and impose their political goals through violence and acts of terror. These threats occur in a situation of insecurity and chaos that Iraq is undergoing especially Baghdad and its five-million inhabitants who are faced with extremely suffering because of the collapse of the administration, civil services, including electricity and water, the acts of looting and thefts and the armed gangs' threats to the security of citizens. They add an extra burden upon the life and safety of the population. It is worth mentioning that US troops, their allies and nationalistic and religious pro-USA parties are well aware of these acts. The USA and these parties have ignored the suffering of the population, especially women, as a result of these threats.

The Worker Communist Party of Iraq (WCPI) condemns acts and threats practiced by the trends and forces of political Islam that blatantly violate the most basic rights and freedoms of citizens in Iraq. At the same time, we caution that what they are practicing is an extension of the Ba'ath fascist regime which the people suffered from for more than 34 years; the people will not remain bound to any manifestation of dictatorship. The WCPI calls on all freedom advocates, humanitarians and all the parties and political organizations that believe in freedom and civil and individual rights of the citizens to adopt an open position toward these acts and decisively stand against them.