More than twenty thousand people protested in Esfahan
18 June 2003

According to reports received by the Worker-communist Party of Iran, many streets and neighbourhoods in Esfahan were scenes of protests and marches from the afternoon until dark. Witnesses spoke of the presence of twenty to forty thousand people giving slogans for the overthrow of the Islamic regime of Iran and for the freedom of political prisoners. The Hezbollahis and plainclothes security members didn't dare approach the protestors given their sheer size. Stones were thrown at security guards. The protests were ongoing at the time the press release was issued. With the spread of the demonstrations to other cities, the movement for the overthrow of the Islamic regime has taken a huge step. Tens of thousands in Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Esfahan, Tabriz, Ahwaz, Bandar- Abbas, Kerman, Kermanshah, Hamadan, Karaj, Shahin-Shahr and many other cities have protested against the Islamic regime and demanded the overthrow of the regime. This is a new historical episode, which the people have been awaiting for a long time. June 10th cannot be erased. The most barbaric government of the history of Iran is on its way out.