Azar Majedi's Message of Congratulations
to the founders of the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq

Yanar Mohammed, Nasik Ahmed, and Nadia Mahmoud, three well-known Iraqi communists, veterans of the women's rights struggle and our dear and long-time comrades have launched the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq in Baghdad. We congratulate these brave women and all the freedom-loving women and men of Iraq.

In these dark times in Iraq, in the climate of chaos and confusion, which has created a breeding ground for any reactionary forces such as political Islam, at times when the Islamic mafia is terrorizing women into veiling and forcing them into their homes, at times when women and young girls have been deprived of any sort of security, and the numbers of rapes and murders of women are significantly rising, at a time when the two poles of world terrorism, the USA and political Islam are fighting to spread the rule of reaction over Iraqi society, the launching of the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq is a breeze of freedom, hope and tranquillity. The launch of the Organisation is an important event in current Iraq, an Iraq trapped by dark forces of reaction. This Organisation and its leaders are the hopes for millions of Iraqi women whose lives are being destroyed by Islam, reactionary tendencies, backwardness and misogyny, women whose aspiration is to achieve freedom and lead a free and independent life. They are the hopes of thousands of women who have been forced into confinement in their homes and deprived of independence. They are the hope for hundreds of victims of honour killings.

We in the Iranian Organisation for the Liberation of Women are fighting in the same trenches with you; we are struggling for common aims and aspirations, for the liberation of women and complete equality of the sexes. Together we have raised the flag of women's liberation in the region vis-à-vis the monster of political Islam. We have a formidable and difficult task before us. But we are ready to overcome the obstacles and to raise the flag of freedom and equality in Iraq and Iran. It is an honour to fight alongside comrades like you.

Long live freedom and equality!

Azar Majedi

25 June, 2003