Long Live March 8, International Women's Day
Women's freedom is the measure of freedom in society

March 8, International Women's Day, is the occasion for our protest against all forms of women's suppression and subordination. Deprivation and suppression of women and inequality between women and men are characteristics of the contemporary world. Even in advanced societies of the contemporary capitalist world, women face inequality and discrimination. In societies where the influence of religion and old traditions have a stronger hold on society's political, administrative and cultural structure, oppression of women takes the grossest and most outrageous forms.

Whatever the roots and historical basis for women's inequality in the past, today the oppression of women is rooted in the economic and political needs of capitalist society and capital's market, profit and accumulation. A society that is based on the inequality of its members will produce and reproduce inequality and oppression of women on a daily basis.

For more than two decades, the ultra-reactionary Islamic regime of Iran has been a personification of this inequality and oppression. Compulsory veiling and sexual apartheid are only aspects of its oppression of women. Organised state violence as well as the daily brutalities meted out by its official and mercenary thugs are yet other aspects of this Islamic monster. Despite this, the Islamic regime has failed to force women to submit to its reactionary laws and relations from the middle ages. Women's struggle for liberation and freedom is an important aspect of the contemporary progressive movement for the regime's overthrow.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran is at the forefront of the struggle for the complete and unconditional equality of women and men in all spheres. Equality and the abolition of discrimination are fundamental principles of a free socialist society; this can come about with the elimination of the discriminatory class system. The Worker-communist Party of Iran strives for the complete and unconditional equality of women and men including in all civil and personal laws as well as the abolition of all laws and regulations that contradict this principle.

Let's turn March 8 into an international day of protest against all forms of oppression against women.