Kurdistan University in Sanandaj strike
23 June 2003

According to a press release issued by the Kurdistan Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI), on 21 June 2003, the students at Kurdistan University in Sanandaj have gone on strike. The security forces have surrounded the university and are preventing people from joining the student protest. The protest followed the previous day's general protest in various parts of the city of Sanandaj. The security forces were unable to prevent the people from joining the protesting students at the university. The WPI has reported clashes between the students and the security forces of the Islamic regime.

The students have been calling for 'Freedom and Equality' and shouting 'Down with the Islamic regime of Iran', 'Down with Khatami', 'Down with Khamanei', and so on. Male and female students have been dancing at the university as a form of protest against the Islamic Republic's sexual apartheid.

According to a later WPI press release dated 23 June 2003, university officials met on Monday morning and stated that they would to postpone the end of the year exam and close the university down. The students have vowed to continue their protests.