In Commemoration of the Victims of 20 June 1981

20 June 1981 is the beginning of the Islamic Republic of Iran's genocide. After two and a half years of intimidation, suppression and assaults, the Islamic regime began an all-out attack on the people and political freedoms. The Islamic Republic is not a product of the 1979 revolution but rather the suppression of a people who had risen up for freedom and a life worthy of human beings. From 20 June 1981 on, more than a hundred thousand were ruthlessly executed for defending freedom, opposing the government, not observing reactionary Islamic rules, striking for better living conditions and fighting for improved welfare and freedom. After this date, more than two decades of misery and rightlessness was imposed on 60 million people.

Under the leadership of Khomeini, personalities of today's Right and 2nd Khordad [Reformist] factions organised one of the most horrendous crimes against humanity. Communists, labour council leaders, political activists and many others were arrested and sent to the gallows in immense numbers. Within a few days, thousands had been executed and a dark reign of terror spread throughout society. Two decades of murder, terror, rightlessness, misery and poverty were the result of the Islamic current's brutal victory over the people. Both Right and 2nd Khordad (Reformists) leaders actively took part in and are fully responsible for this genocide.

20 June 1981 is the beginning of an Islamic holocaust. Those responsible - the leaders of the Islamic Republic - must be tried in a people's court for their crimes against humanity.

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