Islamic regime of Iran's violent assault against protesters
14 June 2003

Islamic regime of Iran's violent assault against protesters. The students and the people are resisting: The demonstrations and protests against the Islamic Republic of Iran continue. The students are persisting and their protests continue with the support of different sections of society. The fourth day of the demonstration began on Friday early evening and continued to 5a.m. on Saturday. Following a joint meeting between the Ministries of Internal Affairs, Education, Tehran province and Tehran University security forces took over the grounds around Tehran University and the student campus on Saturday. They were joined by plain-clothed agents, who on this occasion were armed with machine guns as well as the usual, knives, clubs, chains and tear gas. Despite these preparations, the protesters gathered and began demonstrating. More and More people joined the demonstration and the slogans became more radical. All night the protesters were demonstrating in the surrounding streets. In several parts of Tehran, cars and the public expressed their support for the students by tooting their horns. More police and its mercenary groups and plain-clothed agents have entered the student's campus and dormitory attacking the students with chains, truncheons, clubs and tear gas. The students have clashed with the agents and fought back. Several motorbikes belonging to Islamic mercenaries have been set on fire and the plain-clothed agents have been set on by the people. The students have detained several of them. During early morning clashes a significant number of people and students were wounded and unconfirmed numbers have been arrested. The demonstrations in the last four days have shown the determination of the people of Iran to overthrow the Islamic regime. The resoluteness of the students supported by different sections of the population is significantly different from the previous rounds of protests. The people are showing the way to overthrow the regime. The people have seen that there is no other way to overthrow the Islamic regime but to use their might.