Iraq: Achilles' heel of the USA government
Hussein Moradbeigi

It is true that the fall of Saddam Hussein put an end to one of the world's most appalling dictators. The Iraqi people were released from Saddam Hussein and the Ba'ath regime, but the fall of Saddam and the Ba'ath regime, as we predicted, not only did not translate into an Iraqi people's victory, it also left them with a mountain of difficulties and calamities.

The USA, the victorious side in this war, is apparently announcing its military superiority over the world through the calamities it has imposed on the Iraqi people. The demagogical propaganda behind this aim, such as weapons of mass destruction, fighting 'terrorism', replacing dictatorship with democracy and so on are not even taken seriously by those who had illusions regarding this war. It is true that the statues of Saddam have been brought down, but the Iraqi people are witnessing the complete destruction of civilization in Iraq rather than reaping the 'fruits of victory'. Nothing has remained in its place; chaos, insecurity and desperation dominate the entire society. People still don't dare to come out of their homes. Not only has their dignity been trampled on but the nightmare of a dark scenario is also hanging over their heads, which could ignite at anytime. Leaders, amongst the most reactionary parties and individuals, who are part of the characteristics of a dark scenario, have either been appointed or self appointed themselves as the 'guardians' of the Iraqi people, namely, Garner, Ahmed Chalabi, Jalal Talebani, Masoud Barzani as well as a long list of reactionary sheikhs, Islamic thugs and old Ba'athists who have been trained in Saddam's apparatus of slaughter. These types of people are going to decide on the future of Iraq and for the Iraqi people.

Different Scenarios

One of the possible scenarios which could be imposed on the Iraqi people is the dark scenario. The fuel for igniting such a horrible inferno is at hand. The presence of the US government's military forces in Iraq is the main fuel for igniting such a scenario and is also an agent for reproducing it at any time. Other problems such as lack of water, electricity, food, medicine and so on are of course vital to the Iraqi people but they cannot lead to a dark scenario. These problems can be solved gradually. A long-term presence of the US military forces in Iraq is the main factor for producing and reproducing the dark scenario. Growing tensions between Shiite and Sunni factions, Kurdish and Arab nationalists and so on are other factors which can lead to a dark scenario. There is already enough fuel at hand to engulf the entire Iraqi society into a savage and endless war at anytime.

Paul Bremer's Leadership

In the meantime, the US government is going about its business implementing its plans for the administration of Iraqi society and 'reconstructing' the bourgeois apparatus in Iraq after Saddam as if nothing has happened. It makes various 'necessary' agreements with different American companies and passes new 'necessary' budgets. But recent events show that things are not so simple. The vacuum created by Saddam Hussein's fall cannot be easily filled for the Iraqi bourgeoisie by the US government. Arab nationalism, which was represented in Iraq by Saddam Hussein, the state apparatus and the Ba'ath Party, and maintained the interests of the Iraqi bourgeoisie before their fall, are despised by the majority of the Iraqi people. The remnants cannot reinforce themselves so soon and they do not have the necessary material to aid the Iraqi bourgeoisie and the US government in jump starting the wheels of the economy. The Islamic trend, either Shiite or Sunni, are also not appropriate for the Iraqi bourgeoisie nor desired or trusted by the US government. Consequently, the US government is filling this vacuum by appointing its own authorities to head Iraq's bourgeois apparatus. And as usual the US government is relying on reactionary individuals and political groups among either the Islamic sheikhs or non-Islamic reactionary individuals from outside or inside Iraq. Now even the idea of building an 'interim government' has been indefinitely put off. This adds to the instability which exists now. This extremely fragile situation necessitates the long-term presence of the US military forces in Iraq, further and daily intervention of the US military forces in the Iraqi people's affairs - large or small, a presence which is itself a contradiction and provides the fuel for igniting permanent tension and carries with it the prospects of a dark scenario. This reality and the hatred among the Iraqi people towards the US government as an invader gives the opportunity to reactionary local groups and individuals to gain more concessions, more power sharing and acts against the future of the freedom loving and secular people of Iraq. The recent activities by the Shiite faction in Najaf and Karbala are serving this aim. The situation after Saddam is evidence of the political confusion of the US government and its lack of an alternative for jump starting the wheels of Iraq's economy and Iraq's capitalistic apparatus after Saddam. Apparently, things are going according to US 'plans' but the situation in Iraq is fragile and enflamed so that any mass protest or mass disobedience against the US military forces can wreak US 'plans'. The US government has won the war but stabilising itself political and imposing its military superiority over the world is still far from reach. There are many difficulties ahead even in Iraq. Iraq is the scene where the US' political ambitions can be endangered and it could bring a political defeat for the US government. A political defeat for the US government in Iraq could be a starting point for ending to the USA's military superiority over the world and would be a huge blow to its 'New World Order' and at the same time a great victory for civilized humanity. Iraq could be the Achilles' heel of the US government. We must struggle to ensure the USA is defeated politically in this arena.

Socialist alternative

The people of Iraq must decide on the future of Iraq. This slogan is heard often nowadays and is necessary but is not clear enough. It must be translated into some clear demands otherwise its fruits will be reaped by Islamic groups. Neither the Pentagon's alternative, nor an Afghanistan-like 'Loya Jirgah' made up of Islamic sheikhs and other reactionaries, and even alternatives which now exist in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan are favourable for the Iraqi people. Only one alternative - socialism and a socialist republic - is favourable for the Iraqi people. Only this alternative can rescue the Iraqi people from being caught up in a dark scenario or in the Pentagon's alternatives. Socialism not only creates the freest situation for the people of Iraq but also restores human beings' conscious will. This must be explained clearly to the people of Iraq by the Worker Communist Party of Iraq. Workers and other freedom loving and secular people of Iraq must know which alternative they must struggle for while saying no to the US presence in Iraq and no to the Pentagon's alternatives for the Iraqi people. At the same time, the people must struggle for the creation of a free and secure situation in which they can elect their own desired government far from the intervention of either the USA or Islamic groups. This can be gained with the US and British military forces withdrawing from Iraq and being replaced by UN forces for a limited period of time - a six months period of time in which the Iraqi people can decide on the future of Iraq. Iraqi citizens must freely elect the Iraqi government after Saddam and through their own direct vote. Meanwhile, we must raise some demands which are particularly sponsored by the Worker-communism trend, such as, unrestricted freedom of speech, political activities, opinion, thought, rights to organise, strike and demonstration as well as the immediate abolition of capital punishment and torture, the complete separation of religion from the state, the abolition of any kind of oppression of and discrimination against women and complete equality between men and women. It must be announced publicly that the new government in Iraq will be a non-religious and non-ethnic government and secular, which deals with Iraqi citizens equally.

Of course, these goals are achievable only through the efforts of the freedom loving and secular people of Iraq. Mobilizing the people of Iraq for attaining these goals gives an opportunity to the Iraqi people to make decisions for themselves on the future of Iraq. Along with these vital political activities, putting political pressure on the US government and on the local reactionary Islamic and non Islamic groups and individuals, at the same time helping people to build their own local organisations to exercise their own popular power are other vital tasks of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq.