Humanity needs socialism today
more than ever before

Capitalist states, led by the USA, are preparing another Hiroshima. The war against the people of Iraq and slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent people is only one of the crimes they take pride in. Bush and Blair, Bin Laden and Taliban, Sharon and Saddam, Khameneiee and Khatami, these professional killers, are the present leaders of the capitalist system, who have taken the dignity, freedom, life and security of hundreds of millions of people hostage. In this system, the lot of the overwhelming majority of the working people, whose labour sustains the world, is war, terror, repression, lack of rights, deprivation, poverty and hunger.

Humanity must throw off this yoke of slavery. This situation must be radically transformed. To be free of these monsters and of the horrific prospect they are holding before humanity, is only possible by destroying the foundations of their power, i.e. the capitalist system itself. No human being deserves this inhuman system, this system of inequality, poverty, death and destruction, the system of Bush and Blair, of Sharon and Saddam and of the Ayatollahs. More than any time before, the world needs the socialism of Marx.

Humanity must take charge of its own destiny. This is only possible in socialism.

Long live Marx Long live socialism

Worker-communist Party of Iran 18 March 2003