Humanity must firmly oppose both poles of terrorism
May 20, 2003

A series of suicide bombings in Chechnya, Riyadh, Casablanca, Tel Aviv and Al-Khalil and the explosion of 21 petrol stations and two fuel storages in Pakistan have resulted in 130 dead and hundreds wounded. This is the balance sheet of Islamic terrorism in only two weeks. It makes no difference which group of the murderous Islamic movement, be it Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah of Lebanon or Al-Jihad, has claimed responsibility for these atrocities. This is the political Islamic movement - an army of brutal beasts with their ghastly Islamic Jihads unleashed on people of the world. This movement pledges to carry out more extensive and horrific actions in the future.

The other pole of international terrorism is the USA and its allies. After the destruction of Iraq and the imposition of a bleak scenario on the weary and exhausted people of Iraq after years of economic sanctions, war and oppression, the Bush administration now pledges an expansion of its 'war against terrorism' internationally. Its ally, Sharon, continues to unceasingly commit crimes in Palestine. The old, young and children in Palestine are all victims of the Israeli terrorist army. To this one must add the attacks on civil rights of people living in the USA and Europe, the imposition of police as well as the increase of immigration controls. Both poles of international terrorism, be they Islamic or USA-led terrorism, represent reaction and are anti-human. And both sides of this terrorist race need each other. Islamic terrorism feeds on the right wing militarism of the USA and Israel in the region and USA led terrorism uses the threat of Islamic terrorism to justify its actions. The people of the world are victims to both sides of the war of terrorists. Neither pole of terrorism has anything to do with humanity or people's freedom or security. None of them represent the wishes and desires of the people of the world. Both sides are the forces of the 'New World Order'.

More than ever before, humanity understands that without an active struggle and complete rejection of both sides of this inhumane conflict, it cannot live in peace. The solution to end reactionary and criminal terrorism, both in the shape of state terrorism and Islamic terrorism lies in the support, strength and extent of the movement in defence of human, socialist and progressive values. This is the only movement that represents humanity and civilisation against the inhumane interests of these states and groups.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran strongly condemns the imposition of terror on the lives of the world's citizens and calls on all people to express their abhorrence towards these atrocities and actively and resolutely defend human values.

No to state terrorism! No to Islamic terrorism!