Help us save Kobra Rahmanpour

Kobra Rahmanpour is a 22 year old woman, currently under the threat of being hanged by the Islamic Republic of Iran. She has spent the past three years in prison and been convicted of murdering her mother in law with a kitchen knife. On 1 January this year she was woken up early in the morning to be told that she was going to be hanged that day. But the execution did not take place and instead has been set to be carried out in two months time. We have, therefore, got less than two months to save her now.

Kobra herself is a victim of poverty and injustice. She was born and raised in a family that could not even provide the mere necessities of life for its members. Her father is elderly and one of her brothers is disabled and there is no welfare system to look after such people who are in need. Kobra had to give up her ambitions of going to university, and in order to help her family survive, married a man 40 years her senior. But her life did not get better; in fact she was repeatedly abused and mistreated by her husband and his family.

On one occasion he was even arrested and imprisoned for physically and sexually abusing her. In the last incident, according to Kobra, she was attacked by her mother in law with a kitchen knife in her hand. Kobra claims that she killed her mother in law in an act of self defence.

Kobra Rahmanpour's life and misery is not unique. She is one of thousands and even millions of young people, in particular women, whose lives, youth and ambitions are ruined by the Islamic regime. The Iranian authorities are not fit to prosecute someone like Kobra. They themselves are the worst criminals in the world. They should be tried for the terrible hell they have created for people in Iran.

Moreover, execution for whatever reason is an inhuman act and the Iranian government has got a record in this field. For the sake of justice we must save Kobra Rahmanpour.

Help us in our campaign to make the Iranian authorities withdraw the hanging sentence of Kobra!

Write protest letters to the Iranian authorities and send us a copy.

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The International Campaign in Defence of Women's Rights in Iran January 5, 2004