Gory dawn of the New World Order

JUDGING by what is being done in the Gulf, and by what we are told about it by the media, we must all be thankful for the fact that this is a world of hypocrisy, selective morality and double standards. Just imagine the chaos if all United Nation resolutions were to be enforced with equal rigour and resolve. Just imagine how many thousands of tons of bombs would have to be dropped, to start with, on Israel for its occupation of Palestinian land and its treatment of the Palestinian people… and on the USA itself for uninterrupted harassment of humanity for decades. Imagine the number of fighter and bomber 'sorties' and cruise missile launches that would be required to neutralize weapons of mass destruction stockpiled in the USA, USSR, China, Britain, France, Israel and all other states with enough cash to afford them. Imagine the kind of wars which had to be waged if we were to prevent monopolistic control of not just oil, but also grain, technology, vaccines, information, etc. Just think of the number of ships required to blockade all dictatorships; the number of judges and courtrooms needed to try all war criminals regardless of race, creed, nationality and table manners; the environmental cost of trying to tame all trigger-happy global and regional superpowers. And just think of the cost of it all - no Japan or Saudi Arabia could possibly cough up that much money. It would be a nightmare. Let it be. It is just safer as it is. Let us join the parade of self- deception and Euro- American jingoism. Let us share in the juvenile excitement of our overpaid 'objective journalists' and TV panel 'experts' over their real life computer war games. Or perhaps not. Instead, we must free ourselves from their assumptions and justifications. We must look at the real issues involved. This war is not over democracy and dictatorship. Killing and maiming Iraqi people in their thousands and destroying their homes, schools and factories is indeed a sick way of liberating them from political oppression. The war has nothing to do with preventing oil-starvation of the West. There is no point in owning more oil if you do not intend to sell it. This war is not for upholding international law. In the light of the past record of the law enforcers themselves, from Hiroshima and Vietnam to Grenada and Nicaragua, such suggestions cannot be taken seriously. These are not the real issues. These are exactly what they are: war propaganda. The main clues for understanding the real causes of this conflict are to be found in Bush's seemingly harmless allusions to a 'New World Order'…

- Mansoor Hekmat, 1991, The Gory Dawn of the New World Order; US War in the Middle East, www.wpiran.org/English