German IG Metal Support the Striking Behshahr Textile Workers

Following the international Campaign launched by the Worker-communist Party of Iran in support of the striking textile workers, the German IG Metal Trade union, which has 3 million members, has written to Khatami, the President of the Islamic Republic, demanding the payment of their wages.

The general secretary of IG Metal, Klaus Zwickel, in his letter to Khatami says: 'It is now 27 months that the Textile workers of Behshahr have not been paid any wages. 4 workers are in the critical condition. We call on you to act immediately to end this unacceptable situation and the wages of the workers to be paid.

'Furthermore, IG Metal is concerned and watching the actions of the Islamic Republic government in dealing with the workers who are trying to obtain trade union rights.

'We insist that the International Labour Organisations' convention 87 (The right to organisation) and 98 (the right to collective bargaining), which is recognised in many countries all over the world, be recognised in Iran.'

Up to now many trade unions and progressive organisations have supported the Worker-communist Party of Iran's international campaign in support of the Behshahr textile workers. Fortunately the striking workers have ended their hunger strike and the workers have taken part in a general demonstrations in Behshahr in two consecutive days on Saturday and Sunday 14 and 15 June 2003, demanding their rights and call for the overthrow of the Islamic regime of Iran.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran calls on all progressive organisations and trade unions to support the workers and people of Behshahr in their just struggle for their rights.

Worker-communist party of Iran

16 June 2003