Demonstrations in Tehran continues
13 June 2003

Islamic guards attack women who remove their veils: Today, the students at Tehran university campus and surrounding streets demonstrated shouting slogans against the government. The people of Tehran have come out of their homes and many went on the rooftop. Any move by the security forces of the Islamic Republic was jeered. People in cars tooted their horns in their support of the students. The university campus has been surrounded and cordoned off by the security forces. The streets are full of Baseejis and Pasdaran and plain-clothed agents. A group of girls removed their veils and danced in the streets and shouted slogans. The security forces attacked them savagely. People helped them escape. On several occasions the security forces fired tear gas into the crowds. The demonstrators shouted: 'Free all political prisoners!', 'Iran is not Chile', 'Guns, Cannons are no longer effective!' According to news agencies, the Islamic Republic's flag was set on fire. In the women's campus of Beheshti University, the demonstrators gathered and shouted radical slogans against the regime. 'Down with the Islamic Republic', this cultural movement will continue every night'. Khatami, Khatami, resign, resign!' 'Down with Khamanei!' The security forces have surrounded the campus.