The Worker-communist Party of Iran Political Bureau's Resolution on Ensuring the People's Right to Determine the Future System of Government in Iran

1. The fall of the Islamic Republic of Iran is imminent and the question of determining the subsequent system of government has been posed to society.

2. The Worker-communist Party of Iran's (WPI) alternative is the Socialist Republic. The Socialist Republic ensures the free, direct and conscious participation of the people in deciding the government and provides the most extensive freedoms, prosperity and equality in society.

3. As announced in resolutions adopted by the WPI's 3rd Congress, the WPI believes that mass revolution against the Islamic Republic of Iran is the most practical and shortest route available to the people to achieve their elected government.

4. The opposition on the Right advocates a referendum and a constitutional assembly as the ideal method to replace the Islamic Republic. The possibility of people's intervention and participation is truncated or totally denied via these methods. The objective of these groups is to prevent the conscious and free participation of people and mask and cloak their alternative as democratic. The real method of achieving power by these groups is a coup d'etat as well as wheeling and dealings from above. Under these circumstances, not only are political freedoms and people's participation in deciding the government denied, but there is also the possibility of society's disintegration.

In light of the above, the WPI has adopted the following to provide the necessary conditions for people's participation in deciding the future form of government:

a) Announcement of the Declaration of Political Freedoms, the provisions of which will provide the people with the possibility of deciding the future system of government consciously and freely under safe and secure circumstances. The provisions of this Declaration are the demands and clear expectations of the masses of people; its undertaking by any party and government is a measure of their commitment to the demands and the will of the people. The Worker-communist Party of Iran will strive to obtain a pledge from all political parties and groups on their commitment to these provisions.

b) Announcement of the Assembly of the Representatives of People's Councils as the supreme authority to decide the future system of government. Councils are the mass and best available means of people's organisation and of enforcing their will. Councils are the most democratic form of organisation for the activities of all political parties and groups. There are no restrictions for political parties and individuals to participate and be elected as representative in these Councils.