Copper mining factory protest Four dead and tens of striking workers injured

According to a Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI) press release issued on Saturday 24 January 2004, after a week long protest by workers made redundant in the copper mining factory of Khatoonabad in Kerman and their families, the Islamic Republic of Iran's security forces opened fire on the protesters, killed four and injured more than ten workers.

The brutal Islamic regime's special forces suppressed the just and rightful protest of the destitute workers. The killing has sparked further protests in the nearby city of Babak. People have attacked government buildings, banks and the city council buildings shouting abuse at the leaders of the Islamic regime and the capitalists.

The WPI condemns the killing of protesting workers and calls on the mass meeting of the Sarcheshmeh copper factory workers to resolve to take industrial action in support of their comrades. The shooting of the striking workers must not be left unanswered.