Child US Prisoners of War
This barbarity must be stopped!

On 24 April 2003, the Guardian reported the shocking news that several of the 660 prisoners of war held at Guantanamo Bay by the USA were children aged 13 to 15. In response to international condemnation of the imprisonment of children, the US government has shamelessly asserted that they are 'enemy combatants', a 'threat to US national security' and that the Geneva Convention does not apply to 'enemy combatants'. These prisoners have no right to lawyers and will not be released until the USA is satisfied that they are no longer a 'threat to the USA's interests'.

Seeing the images of human beings, including children, whose hands and feet are chained, kept in small cages and treated worse than animals is deplorable. It seems that as a result of the USA's New World Order, the world is regressing to the age of slavery.

According to US officials, these prisoners were Al-Qaeda soldiers who were captured in Afghanistan; apparently they must be subject to the same fate that the Taliban and Al-Qaeda imposed on the people of Afghanistan. The conditions of this camp of the Middle Ages is so brutal and inhuman that, according to the Guardian's report, several of these prisoners including children have attempted suicide as an escape from it.

The US government disregards the protests and objections of international organisations such as Amnesty International and shamelessly declares that it will not accept any international pacts, including the Geneva Convention, which had its use during the Cold War era. The USA is now the sole master of the world and 'US interest's' and in fact the US administration's interest is the only moral code recognised and adhered to by the US government.

We must stop this barbarity. Civilised and progressive humanity must protest against this barbarity, brutality, bullying and undermining of any human standards. The only way to push back the bullying of the USA's New World Order is the widespread protests of progressive humanity. We must oppose, with all of our power, this regression to the age of slavery in the 21st century. Protest against the imprisonment of children and the inhuman conditions of all of the prisoners.

Worker-communist Party of Iran

27 April 2003