Behshahr textile workers stand firm

Textile workers in Behshahr, Northern Iran, continue their hunger strike for 27 months of unpaid wages. Eight have been hospitalised as a result of the hunger strike with two having written out their wills.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran has initiated an international campaign in defence of the Behshahr workers and in condemnation of the Islamic regime of Iran. Following the initiation of the campaign, numerous pickets and demonstrations have been organised throughout Europe and North America and many unions, labour organisations, political parties, groups and individuals have sent letters of condemnation to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The International Metalworkers' Federation in Switzerland, Communist Organization for the Fourth International in Germany, the Social Freedom Platform and the Unity of Turkish Revolutionary Communists in Turkey, Federation of Oil Workers Trade Unions in Norway, the Asian Workers Organisation in Pakistan, the Production Workers' Trade Union and the TUC, Building, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union in Australia, the Carpet Workers Union in Copenhagen, and the People's Democratic Party in Indonesia are amongst those that have sent letters of condemnation to the Islamic Republic of Iran and defended textile workers in Iran.