Behshahr textile workers demonstration turns into a general protest
against the Islamic regime

Following the end of their hunger strike, Behshahr textile workers marched in the city of Behshahr on Sunday 15 June 2003 demanding their unpaid wages. The demonstration was joined by thousands of people from Behshahr and became a demonstration against the Islamic regime of Iran. The demonstrators called for the payment of their wages and the downfall of the Islamic regime of Iran. The regime's security forces, which initially failed to intimidate the protesters attacked the demonstration and arrested several protesters.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran calls on workers, particularly in key industries and the public sector, to come out for their immediate demands such as a 30 hour work-week and the immediate payment of all wages. It also calls on workers to join the general protests against the Islamic regime of Iran and demand the freedom of political prisoners and thought, the separation of religion from the state and the complete equality of men and women. Workers must take the lead in the movement for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is the historical moment for communism and the workers' movement to provide a fine example of a free, equal, prosperous and humane society and end the long history of poverty, inequality, oppression, degradation and destitution.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran calls on the working class movement to take on its historical role.

Worker-communist Party of Iran

16 June 2003