Baghdad's fall to US military
Condemn the imposition of another reactionary government on the people of Iraq!

Following three weeks of the USA and Britain's continued and heavy bombardment of Iraqi cities with weapons of mass destruction and the killing of thousands of defenceless Iraqi civilians, Baghdad and all major Iraqi cities have fallen to the USA military. Saddam Hussein's regime has effectively collapsed. Contrary to the deceitful claims of the hireling media, the aim of the war is neither weapons of mass destruction nor the liberation of the people of Iraq. The aim is to turn war into the norm of international relations and impose US bullying. The USA military victory against Iraq is a stepping stone in the building of this 'new world order'.

As far as Iraqi society is concerned, the US victory will not assure any freedom, prosperity and justice for the people of Iraq. Following twelve years of economic sanctions, the killing and wounding of countless defenceless people in this criminal war has left Iraqi society on the verge of insecurity, civil war, religious and ethnic rifts and other reactionary and backward conflicts. This dark scenario is unfolding; the US rule in Iraq will itself be a factor in its escalation.

Saddam Hussein and the Ba'ath regime were responsible for three and half decades of oppression, rightlessness and widespread organised crimes and the people of Iraq struggled hard to free themselves from this regime. However, for the people of Iraq the US victory over Saddam's regime, which the US and European governments themselves maintained in power, is not the route to achieve freedom and prosperity. A government that is to be put together by victorious US generals with the aid of tribal heads and religious mullahs has nothing to do with the demands, desires and shattered hopes of the deprived people of Iraq. None of the just and progressive demands of the people of Iraq are represented in the post-Saddam regime. The danger of the disintegration of the fabric of society is threatening the lives of the people of Iraq.

Under such circumstances, the Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI) believes that the most appropriate and immediate solution is the urgent withdrawal of US and British troops and the introduction of UN forces for a transitory period, as well as the recognition of people's political and civil rights in order to allow them to determine their preferred government under free and secure circumstances. The progressive struggle of the people of Iraq on the one hand and the continued struggle of the people of the world on the other is the necessary precondition for its realisation and imposition on the US and UN.

The WPI has the deepest sympathies for the oppressed people of Iraq who are the victims of this war and will do everything in its power to realise the just, progressive and egalitarian demands of the people of Iraq and a legitimate, free and humane government alongside the Worker Communist Party of Iraq. The WPI calls on all progressive people of the world to support the Worker Communist Party of Iraq, condemn the reactionary US imposed government on the people of Iraq, oppose the USA and British military presence in Iraq, support the just and humane demands of the people of Iraq for political freedoms and to extend the fight against the new world order and the barbarity it offers for humanity.