Unveiling the Debate on Secularism and Rights
Maryam Namazie

on the eve of its seventh Islamic Assembly
The Islamic regime of Iran must be done away with entirely!

The Islamic republic of Iran, an earthquake hundred times more
devastating on the Richter scale

By Hamid Taghavie

Islamic Republic of Iran continues to profit from the Bam earthquake
whilst denying survivors much needed aid

The women's liberation movement a staunch enemy of political Islam
Azar Majedi

On Nuclear Islamic Republic
WPI Briefing interview with Ali Javadi
Member of Political Bureau of the
Worker-communist Party of Iran

An analysis of the recent protest movement in Iran
By: Azar Majedi

Founding Statement
Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI)

Azar Majedi's Message of Congratulations
to the founders of the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq

Where Will USA 'Roadmap' end?
on the US 'Roadmap' and recent developments in the Israel- Palestine conflict
Interview with Fateh Sheikh

WPI condemns arrest of members of
the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran

17 June 2003

In Commemoration
of the Victims of 20 June 1981

No Gentlemen, the people of Iran do not need a Chalabi
On the Leadership Council proposed by Reza Pahlavi
Koorosh Modaresi

The political situation in Iraq after the fall of the Ba'ath regime
The Worker Communist Party's of Iraq

Humanity must firmly oppose both poles of terrorism
May 20, 2003

No to Political Islam's Violations of Rights and Freedoms in Iraq
Worker Communist Party of Iraq
May 20, 2003

Cultural Relativism: a foe of Critical Thought
By Maryam Namazie

Achilles' heel of the USA government

Hussein Moradbeigi

Interview with Fateh Sheikh and Mohsen Ebrahimi
on a Post-Saddam Iraq
Fateh Sheikh - Mohsen Ebrahimi

Worker Communist Party of Iraq opens offices in Iraq

Child US Prisoners of War
This barbarity must be stopped!

Support the Iraqi people!

War, anti-war movement, and consequences of war
Interview with Koorosh Modaresi and Hamid Taghvaie

Humanity needs socialism today more than ever before
18 March 2003

Why another war on Iraq? The truth or propaganda
Azar Majedi
17 March 2003

Yes, this is a moment of truth but not in the way Bush means
Maryam Namazie
17 March 2003

2/15 was the day the US uni-polar system lost its legitimacy
Fariborz Pooya
17 March 2003

March 8 and a female revolution in Iran
Interview with Azar Majedi