Amina Lawal freed!

Amina Lawal, a Nigerian woman who was sentenced to death by stoning, was freed on 25 September 2003. Amina Lawal is a household name all over the world. As a result of the unceasing efforts and activities of communist, progressive and humanitarian organisations, Lawal's name became an indictment against Islamic and religious reaction and organised millions of people all over the world against Islamic barbarity. Anyone who heard the news of her release shouted with joy. This is truly a victory for humanity. This is also a victory against the Islamic regime in Iran, which is the bastion of international reaction and has murdered hundreds of women and human beings via stoning. There are currently a number of women in the prisons of the Islamic Republic who await death by stoning. The overthrow of this regime would undoubtedly save humanity from this inhumanity.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran sends its warmest regards to all freedom loving and progressive individuals, organisations and campaigns that fought to stop Amina Lawal's stoning. In particular one should mention the role played by the International Committee against Stoning and its spokeswomen Mina Ahadi who had an undeniable impact on the campaign to save Amina Lawal.

Long Live Socialism Worker-communist Party of Iran

28 September 2003