Afsaneh Norouzie's execution stayed!

According to various news agencies, the Islamic Republic of Iran's judiciary has halted the execution sentence of Afsaneh Norouzie declaring that 'there are some uncertainties in the case'. It is obvious, however, that this decision is a clear retreat in the face of the current international campaign that has been launched to prevent the execution of Afsaneh Norouzie. The leaders of the Islamic Republic have witnessed the outrage of the people against the execution sentence. As their officials have said, the people did not have the stomach for such an execution. The regime was forced to retreat. This is a defeat for the leaders of the Islamic government and a victory for the egalitarian and progressive movement of the people of Iran.

This is the very regime that has killed by the thousands and buried the dead in mass graves. The fact that it is now in crisis as a result of Afsaneh Norouzie's execution sentence and the murder of Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian-Iranian journalist recently killed in custody in Iran, only shows the advancement of the people's movement for the overthrow of this regime.

The campaign for Afsaneh Norouzie's release will continue.

Down with the Islamic Republic! Long Live Socialism!

Worker-communist Party of Iran

13 October 2003