24-Hour TV Station to be launched by WPI from January 2004

The Worker-communist Party of Iran's (WPI) 24-hour TV station, 'The New TV', will commence broadcasting from January 2004.
Koorosh Modaresi, the leader of the WPI, announced that the board of directors of 'the New TV' are
Ali Farhang,
Ali Javadi,
Azar Majedi,
Azar Modaresi and
Soraya Shahabi.

Ali Javadi will be the director of 'the New TV'.

This project has become possible with the aid of the members and supporters of the Party. The fundraising drive for the TV station has already raised £60,000. The project requires a further £30,000 to be self-sufficient.

For those interested in financially supporting the TV station, please contact WPI Briefing.